This solution uses Docker and docker-compose to automate getting the SSL certifications for your website with Let's Encrypt.


  • Git
  • Docker
  • docker-compose

Ok, let's get started.

Clone the repo with the automation scripts

git clone

Run the init script with your base domain name (e.g.


Execute a testrun to make sure your configurations are correct (provide all your target domains)


Insert your own email into the liverun script to get notified if your certificates are about the expire

You can use nano, vim, or any other editor to make this change.


change this line of code with your own email:

--email --agree-tos --no-eff-email \

Execute the liverun with all your target domains as arguments


BOOM. That's it.

BONUS: Get information about your certificates using the information script


BONUS: You can automate your cert renewal by executing the automate-renewal script


BONUS: Execute the dhparam script to generate your dhparam.pem


You can find your certs here:




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